Sunday, August 14, 2011

Those #?%& Supermarkets: They're Out to Catch You

Nothing like the word Free to make you take notice at a supermarket. But of course there is always a catch since I have to buy at least one 16 oz. package for $3.99. So what I'm really paying for my free box of strawberries is $2.00! Now if I'm in the market for more than one package I might consider paying $2.00 per package. But since for me they go bad pretty quickly and I'll never finish the second box before it does goes bad, that really means I'm paying $3.99 for the box I actually eat! Wouldn't it be just plain old easier and more honest to leave the word "free" out if the sign read:
Get your students to find examples of this and to write the manager of a store that pulls this nonsense and see how the company tries to justify this deception.

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  1. I agree that it's a big waste. This is the kind of discussion middle school kids should have in math class. A really good and honest real world problem.