Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Search for the Last Digit of Pi

Fig. 1
Ever wonder what the last digit of Pi is? Well, if you are one of those in the know, you know that there is no such thing. Pi is irrational. Right? And you know that the decimal expansion of Pi (3.14159...) goes on forever without any recurring patterns. 

Fig. 2
But what about this headline back in 2004? 

Did this really happen? Read the rest of the article by clicking on it. What do you think?

"The Last digit of Pi" is the title of Dan Cohen's very interesting blog about how some people passionately pursue the last digit despite knowing that they will fail. It's also a nice story about the evolution of knowledge about Pi. He also has done an entertaining TED talk on the topic. 

Sunday Morning (CBS) highlights Pi Day
This a recent segment about Pi day.

For more Pi Day resources see my Pi Day page.

My favorite Pi Day activity is the Buffon Needle Experiment. See my lesson. See also this link. See also Matthew Blake's cool simulation of the needle experiment.