Monday, January 27, 2014

Think Math - Wonderful video that begs an important question
Watch this video. It's truly wonderful. Yes, we need to get kids to think about math. But what math? Rick's example showing the dynamics of generating a sine curve is great, but will all kids appreciate it and do we need to have every student appreciate math at the level that I and other math teachers appreciate it? We always get stuck in thinking as a teacher and what we think is wonderful but not always what the student wants to do. The "Wanna Do" curriculum is what I endorse. Students get to explore math in a way that makes sense to them. Sine curves evolving from a point spinning on circles is wonderful fodder for Youtube so that like minded students and mostly teachers appreciate. I would have chosen a different example that would resonate with more students. and adults. (To be continued.)


  1. " Students get to explore math in a way that makes sense to them." - This is a good foundation of learning math. Hatred for math is rooted from a notion that it has no bearing to life after school. That should be changed. - Layce of

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